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PR with Cubes



Graeme Gladman | Principal

“As a relative ‘start-up’ consulting firm, we knew we needed sales impetus to ‘get us in the game’ – but as marketing professionals we quickly discovered that we were not great lead generators.

Fortunately we had the good sense to recognise our weakness and so we looked externally to find a way to generate leads, enquiries and ultimately sales.  And we needed to do it quickly, as starting a business from scratch (with zero clients) is a great way to burn money. We wanted to spread our pitch to a specific target audience in order to gain credibility for our

methodology, processes and (rather limited) case study successes. After meeting with a number of people and companies we chose to retain Cubes PR & Marketing. Robyn Cubis quickly displayed her skills and initiative in preparing an engagement strategy, gaining our ‘sign-off’ and then implementing with great efficiency, a fully co-ordinated media and public speaking campaign. Within months Robyn had us in front of our target audience – whether at seminars, conferences, whilst flying (on-air business channel) or reading in-flight business magazines…and more.